Sunday, April 27, 2008

What is The Sun and why should I care?

The Sun is an insightful magazine - refreshing ad-free - by and for readers. It is a monthly collection of short pieces of fiction, poems, musings, quotes, and a monthly interview of a political or environmental nature. Check out The Sun HERE. Then subscribe.

My favorite section is Readers Write where you're given a topic and readers - just normal people like yourself - write in on their take of the subject. I often write a little something, or think of a little something but don't write it down, and only once have I mailed in my entry. It wasn't published, but that's okay. We can't all fit in those few pages.

I use Readers Write to keep myself inspired to write. Even just 150 words. So this blog, this experiment, is to keep me writing and growing and reflecting - and hopefully, along the way, learning something about myself.

Where do you fit in? I'd love it if you wrote on the topic too. If you said "hey, that subject sparks something in me" and you put your piece in as commentary, too.

My only request - from you, from me - is be honest. If its too painful, rephrase. But be true.

I'll post up the topics and get to them as they inspire me. Sometimes I'll have two entries. Sometimes they'll sit getting dusty while only you write. But let's play, shall we? And maybe, along the way, we'll learn a little something about ourselves, about each other, about how we all connect through our shared experiences.